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The unaccounted for Ruby Slippers were found by Kent Warner along with the other accounted for pairs in 1970. They are visible in a single scene in the finished film, and may have been used in takes not shown in the final cut. According to one of the former owners, the shoes were marked "J Garland" or "Judy Garland." Their condition as of 2010 was "fair" for their age.

My research leads me to believe the unaccounted for slippers:

Are a size 6 dance scene/rehearsal pair
Yellow felt on the soles, which was a replacement set of felt
Worn by Judy Garland and Bobbie Koshay

The pair went to the troubled family of an MGM costumer, and due to their lifestyle, various stories about the fate of the shoes have been told. Almost all of these stories are conjecture. I have been researching the pair for over a decade, and can pinpoint their whereabouts in 1970, 1975, 2010, and 2015. After several research trips, I now believe I know who has the shoes after they changed hands several times. I am still looking for photographic evidence, and am still offering a reward for the person whose tip leads me to being able to document them for inclusion in my slipper book.


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