I am offering a reward for information directly leading to the proof of the current existence and whereabouts of the yellow felt Ruby Slippers.  Please keep in mind that I am essentially the leading replicator of slippers in the world at this point, and in addition to my ability to create the most convincing replicas, I have also had most of the components of the shoes custom made to match the originals - meaning I can spot a fake pair from a mile away.  Basically, if you are going to try to craft a pair to trick me, you really have your work cut out for you. My work can fool the most experienced of collectors.

In addition to authenticating the slippers myself, I am requiring that the pair be examined by a conservator that worked on an original pair of slippers for over 200 hours. Her institution does not authenticate items, but she will be able to tell me if all of the components are age appropriate and in line with the three other pairs she has examined. I will arrange and pay for this service.

If the information you provide to me results in me locating the missing sequined pair of slippers, I will gladly arrange payment of the reward amount. I am happy to keep both you and the owner of the shoes anonymous.

Reward: $2,500.00


Contact me for more information.