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The legacy of the slippers endures, not only through new generations discovering the film, or visitors to museums seeing the original pairs, but through the craftsmanship of fans who make their own replicas. Fan submitted replicas are visible below along with the name of the creator. I am not including this information to endorse any slipper maker, but to share and celebrate replica slippers.

If you have made a pair of slippers you would like to share on this page, please email one photo of your shoes along with your full name to: Please do not submit replicas made by another person.

Fan Made Replicas

Ryan Schroeder Ruby Slippers
Randy Struthers Ruby Slippers
Stacey Ruby Slippers
Troy Austin Ruby Slippers
Jamie Penn Slippers.jpg
Nick Eckert Ruby Slippers
Shawn Ryan Ruby Slippers
Oliver Lloyd Ruby Slippers
Dan Heisey Ruby Slippers
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